logo rebrand - A starry teepee on top of softly steps with a ramp to the right with a girl stepping up to the door and a baby crawling up the ramp
Business rebrand  & logo design for a children's soft play hire business - Edinburgh, Scotland.
To celebrate turning one, and the great success of their first year in business, the team at Little Posh People wanted to give their business identity a professional fresh new look. Little Posh People is a family run Edinburgh business that was setup to provide high end soft play packages for people who want to add a level of sophistication and fun to their parties, weddings and events.  
The team wanted to have a new logo that would stand out in the market against other soft play and inflatable hire businesses. They wanted a more elegant, "posh" & bespoke feel to their image and avoid a more commonly used bright and bold impact. The logo had to be created in grey for this design so it can be used against the different themes and colours the business already love to use. The other element they wanted to keep but be recreated was the children. Here I have the little girl and baby approaching the magical tent, excited to see what happens when they step inside.
I hope you love it as much as we do!
Logo design for the Aiden  Joyce Memorial Fund  - Tillicoultry, Scotland.
The memorial fund has been set up by the family of Aiden Joyce who lost his life at the age of 28 to an undiagnosed heart condition in March 2023.
The fund was created to help CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death through supporting CRY’s screening programme.
Their aim is to fund the screening of young people within the local community. 
To find out more and make a donation, simply click the link below: 
Aiden's mother Lorraine led the creation of a deeply personal logo for the  memorial fund by pulling together insightful ideas to capture Aiden's essence.
Central to the design was Aiden's fingerprint, symbolising his enduring legacy. To protect his fingerprint, I placed it within a heart which represents the vital screening services the charity CRY provides. This was reinforced with the strong gold heartbeat which reflects the importance of having your heart checked to highlight any issues that need further exploration.
The arrangement of five stars curved around the heart symbolises Aiden's close family and  girlfriend, further personalising the logo and encapsulating the unity and love they share.
Complementing the deep blue, the choice of a modern, bold font ensures clear readability, while subtle variations in weight allow Aiden’s name to stand out.
logo design Falkirk  - A tall narrow sash & case window behind the letters CSW combined and stepping down to the right with the words Central Sash Windows written centred below.  all written in a golden brown colour
Business rebrand  & logo design for a sash & case window specialist - Falkirk, Scotland.
Central Sash Windows has been in business for almost 20 years but until now has had no real identity. Specialising in the repair, upgrading and replacement of traditional timber sash and case windows, they take their responsibility of restoring the traditional, high quality and elegant features very seriously. This concept had to be at the forefront of the design.  Throughout the process I explored the sustainable materials used, the simplicity and elegance of the different style of windows and the types of buildings and rooms that you would find them. With this in mind I created this very simple but elegant logo design which showcases the beauty of the traditional wooden window which connects with this very clean serif font, both complimenting each other and conveying the professionalism and care provided by CSW. I wanted to represent the key material within the design and chose to explore the colour of the wood and grain. This rich golden brown adds to the feeling of luxury and excellent quality workmanship which CSW offers. I have also created a wood grain asset which features within some of the business marketing materials which you can see on my Graphic Design Projects page.
Logo design falkirk - a fine blue circle outline  containing a circle scene of a white fox running across the northern lights with the words Revontulet Wellbeing to the right hand side
Logo design & brand identity creation for a new wellbeing business - Falkirk, Scotland.
Revontulet is a Finnish word which translates to “foxfires”. It comes from an old Scandinavian folk tale that the northern lights were created by an arctic fox racing across the snow so fast that sparks flew & its huge brush-like tail swept them into the sky. Alisha was inspired by this story, steeped in the raw power and beauty of nature, told through the ancient storytelling lens of magic. She want’s to help people to connect with their essence & find the space to be their authentic selves in a world that so often asks us to be something else. The imagery of the northern lights makes us think of light in the darkness, warmth in the cold. The image itself represents the fox exploring a nurturing mindset that allows her clients to find space to be their authentic selves and feel in control, within a protective space.
Logo design falkirk, Teal and yellow Goldcrest bird perched on branch over the name Goldcrest Therapy & coaching
Logo design & brand identity creation for a new person centred & pluralistic therapy & coaching business - Callander, Scotland
Kirsten was inspired to choose the goldcrest to represent her business, not only because it embodies an easy weightlessness of being, but also because even though it is one of the smallest birds in the UK, it’s size does not lessen its place in the world. They seem small, within the universe but they have an important place there.
The bird’s poise was deliberately chosen to represent calmness, taking time for focussing on that moment. It signifies the journey that her clients will go through and the realisation of self-worth and appreciation of their whole self with her help. 
logo design falkirk - a  stamp effect circle with the words Record Purposes positioned at the top.left and bottom right with the letters RP in the centre. All in dark grey colour
Logo design & brand identity creation for a new construction tech start-up business - Falkirk, Scotland.
Record Purposes is a start up business which will provide it's customers with a web application to replace spreadsheets and hand written notes with streamlined digital processes allowing them to record and submit forms digitally with electronic signature. From the beginning Steven liked the idea of the logo looking as though it had been made by a rubber stamp. We explored this idea with a more traditional stamp style font like John Doe, however it really didn't work with the modern, professional and trusted feel we wanted to portray to the industry. When looking at how to bring the old and new together I decided to keep the idea of the stamped ink effect circle within the image but this time I explored some sans serif fonts & i really like the contrast of the fine round stamp lines with the regular and bold fonts of Verdana.
Logo design falkirk, Brown bear & orange fox encased in black outline of house. Centered over words Fox & Bear Property
Logo design & brand identity creation for a property investment business - Falkirk, Scotland
Gavin was looking for a distinctive logo & business identity that was not limited to one type of property but must also incorporate 2 characters that mean a lot to himself & his partner. I wanted to create the fox & bear in a way that they had the characteristics of the real-life animal, but in a different dimension. I created the animals out of blocks of colour which gave them a new unique presence sits perfectly within the simple tall building frame.
Logo redesign for a company specialising in feature/media walls, wall panelling & flooring - Falkirk, Scotland
Ross came to me with a logo he had created but it didn’t quite reflect his brand and what this branch of his business offered so we took it back to the beginning where we got the name in line with the RIRA brand type & colours. He had an image which represented a media wall but he wanted something all-encompassing portraying the variety of different joinery services they offered rather than focussing on just one. We have managed to create something very simple which reflects the possible space that his services can be used within a home.
Logo design for Datacentre Support Services. Name written in dark purple surrounded by 3 light blue broken circles one inside another written in binary code

Logo design & brand identity creation for a data centre support business - Larbert, Scotland
John was looking to create a logo & branding for his business. He knew he wanted it to be IT/technology related but also have strong links to the Scottish roots of his business and customer base. I explored a number of avenues relating to IT but one element that suck with me was the idea of using the business name in binary code to create a simple flowing form that could be recognisable and unique. This is where the idea of the lines of code going around in layers hinting at the complexity of his skills & services. I decided to use colour in the pursuit of creating a Scottish identity to the brand. I didn’t want to be too obvious with a typically bold blue. Instead I took inspiration from my own love of Scotland and where I find the most beautiful colours. I spent time researching Scottish landscapes photographers where I found a lot of beautiful, subtle blues, greys and purples which to me were the natural colours of Scotland. And this is the result of the combination of the simple design, type and colours inspired by John & myself.
Logo design falkirk, Orange C joined to grey 50  for C50 Asset Solutions logo

Logo design & brand identity creation for a physical asset management business - Falkirk, Scotland
Calum was setting up a physical asset management business which would offer his services within a number of different industries. He wanted a logo that reflected his streamline, modern, forward thinking, methodical practices within these different industries. One of his key passions outside of work is his motorbike which I wondered if we could incorporate this within the design some way. With this design, I started to explore the different industries in which he would work. They were all industrial or mechanical which brought me to the idea of the components working together. I then explored the same idea of his bike with the same principles. I had already preferred a finer weight font and looked at how I could create the suggestion of the component form with the C50 part of the name. When bringing the ideas of the machinery, fine type & the chassis of the bike together, I had created this really lovely symbol where it’s letters flowed & blended smoothly, creating this very distinct form & suggestion of the elements working together despite being separate components. With the colours, we drew inspiration from his motorbike by using the orange as part of the palette & complementing this with the cool metallic greys representing the client’s physical assets within their industry.
logo design  Falkirk - A red horizontal rectangle with the name "petroineos" written on top of "people force" written bigger below it and below this is a female and male stick person in a pattern along the bottom of the the first half in black followed by the words "putting people first"

Logo design for an internal HR system - Grangemouth, Scotland
I worked with Petroineos Grangemouth to create this logo for their new internal HR system. They already had an idea in mind where they wanted to enhance the peopleforce element with the image of a person or people within the design. I wanted to steer away from the more illustrated/cartoon direction and use a simple, identifiable more corporate style of imagery. To create the idea of peopleforce, I wanted to bring both male and female elements together to symbolise the team & solidarity within the business. I felt like having the word “people” in a bolder font would reinforce the purpose of the software within the organisation.
Logo design for a rebrand, a 3d house broken into burgundy outlined elements  with Ruman Homes & Renovation over 2 lines to the right.
Modernisation of an existing logo for a new joint venture construction & project management business - Central Scotland.
As part of the transition of their joint venture, Kerry got in touch & asked me to give their business a fresh, modern new look. The brief was very tight where they wanted to keep the exact same idea & colour as the original logo where the house was in separate components but they wanted it to be modernised & simplified with a fresh new typeface while still retaining the serif style. With the house being created out of fine outlines, it gives it the more modern, minimalist reflection on how modern renovations and extensions are being build but also doesn’t alienate those with more traditional aspirations & I deliberately retained the shape of a “traditional” house to reinforce this.
Logo design, The words Dougie's Party time in big red letters with blue, yellow, red and green stars dotted below
Logo design for a children's entertainment business - Bridge of Weir, Scotland
Dougie already had an existing children’s entertainment business but he wanted to create a recognisable identity that would be part of building his brand within the central & west coast of Scotland. The logo had to appeal to parents & organisations of pre-school and primary school age children and represent the fun & magic of his performance without limiting the elements of his performance with specific images. It was important to pick a big bold font that was easily recognisable to adults and children alike & choosing this strong red really made it stand out. I love the flow of stars below the name, it looks as though the name has come in on a flow of magic representing the fun throughout the whole performance with Dougie & the team.
Logo design for colour style fun written in black the word style in script font, orange, purple and pink ribbons flow underneath from left to right and finish under a small pink outline mannequin
Logo design for a colour analyst business - Scottish Borders, Scotland
Colour Style Fun is an existing business which was about to move into it’s first premises. To get everything perfect for this new venture, Suzanne wanted to have a logo design that she would be able to use throughout her business from her website, social media, signage and displays within the studio, appointment cards, gift vouchers & leaflets etc. She had a strong preference for the image of a mannequin to be part of the logo design as she felt it represented fashion as a whole rather than just clothing. It’s adaptability was also key as she will work with women of all different statures and wanted to portray the element that her services were for everyone but tailored to them personally. Her business specialises in helping her clients find their colours and how to wear them. She considers their lifestyle, body shape and personality to ensure they can have the ideal wardrobe of clothes. When considering this project I liked the idea of the threads of the clothing flowing, like the freedom gained by feeling great & comfortable in the clothing you wear giving confidence and happiness. The colours were deliberately chosen to be strong and empowering and feminine and work perfectly against the black of the name and when used in the different medias. I combined a very fine, sans serf and a script font for this name as I wanted it to feel feminine, modern & elegant and have the feeling of fun and uplifting & I feel that the logo as a whole works really well in achieving what we set out to do.
Logo design, Large red letters G & I above the word FIT in black. The I in GI becomes the I in the word FIT below
Logo design & brand identity creation for a personal trainer - Alloa, Scotland
Dawn at GI.FIT is a personal trainer with an established business in Alloa. She reached out to me as she was looking to explore her brand identity and wanted a logo design that reflected her personality and successful programmes that helped her clients improve their fitness and health both physically and mentally. She wanted a logo that used the name in a way that it created an icon within itself, so that it was instantly recognisable, appealing to everyone and was easy to use across digital and printed medias. I explored many different types of font’s for this project as I wanted to stay away from the heavy weights which were a bold statement for bulky, strength. Dawn’s business was about cutting through the stereotypical nonsense! Providing an honest, straight talking, hard-working & personalised programme for her clients with proven results and I think the finished design reflects this really well.

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