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Hi, my name is Jo McFarlane & I am your Graphic Designer at Meraki Creative Design.
The name Meraki comes from the meaning of something being made with soul, creativity or love which is exactly the reason I wanted a career in graphic design so it felt like the perfect fit! 
My passion is seeing my client’s projects coming to life, be it a business looking to make an impact or an individual with a personal project, every aspect of a project is carefully considered with their vision and values at the forefront of my design. 
If you have a project that you would like to discuss with me, I would love to hear from you!
Company Values

Customer focussed - I want to create the best designs to make my customer shine so I really try to get to know them from the outset. I want to understand their personality & what drives them & what they want & need from the design. I feel like when I have a good connection with them, the project flows much better because I understand them more.

Communication - I feel that communication is key to any customer relationship, even if it is a 1 off project. I am an open, friendly and helpful person so I want my customers to have had a great experience of working with me.

Passion - I find excitement in each project because every job tells a story. I find beauty in the norm. If it is an advert for an  equipment supplier or a logo for a wellbeing company, there's something in each project that really resonates with me and I enjoy finding out more to help me create the bigger picture.

Integrity - This is a strong part of my personal & business personality and I feel that by building a relationship with my audience, they will know that I am an honest, reliable and dedicated service provider that they can trust to have their genuine best interest at heart.

Sustainability - I have been spending more time learning about how to design with less impact and when discussing projects with clients, I am exploring less harmful and more sustainable options for moving their project forward.
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