May 2022 – I stumbled across this video a few years ago on YouTube and instantly fell in love with it, so I wanted to share it with you. 
One of my favourite parts of my job is looking at the origins and history behind a brief. Being able to really understand how and why things were designed and created in a certain way is really interesting and I like to see how things have changed through time. Be it printing processes, typography, production, the use of shape and colour etc. The list goes on!
I’m a bit of a mixed bag of inspiration. I love historical and traditional design styles (not just in graphic design but interior, architecture, art) but I also love modern & innovative design which is why my job is so much fun!
After watching this short film about Annie, it really inspired me to spend a bit more time out of work reading up about graphic design through history and seeing if it inspires me to create some fun side projects. I loved the part of the film where she is creating the props by hand because this is how it would have actually have been done at the time and I love the authenticity of the process.
I hope you like it!!
a cupcake with pink swirling frosting has a rose gold 5 candle lit resting on top. It is sitting on a pink surface and has a pale blue background with out of focus twinkling lights.
April 2022 - I am really excited to celebrating Meraki Creative Design turning 5! I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined the journey that starting my on business would take me on. There's been A LOT of learning on how to run a business, how to work around two little girls and a lot of growing as a creative designer but I have had the best time and have been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing businesses and individuals along the way. I am looking forward to what the future holds!
Design for planet logo is a large bright lime green circle and centred to the left are the words DESIGN FOR PLANET in thick sans serif font written in black

October 2021 - I am so excited to be attending The Design for Planet Festival on the 9th & 10th November which will champion design as a powerful agent of change – featuring talks, practical sessions and design tools that will help all kinds of designers address the biggest challenge of our time.
This two-day event will give a platform to visionaries across the sector leading the way in sustainability and climate action, and will support others in the industry to prioritise the welfare of our planet in their work.
The festival is part funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, thanks to National Lottery players, and organised in partnership with V&A Dundee, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Architecture & Design Scotland, Snook, URGE, Protolabs and Innovate UK.
Design Council will then be presenting at the COP26 Blue Zone UK Pavilion, showcasing the best of British Design for Planet to a global audience.

Corporate LiveWire Scotland Prestige Awards logo which is an orange circle made up of 2  broken circles with a capital P in the middle.
June 2021 - I was delighted to be announced as - Graphic Design Company of the year- Scotland (Falkirk)
The Corporate LiveWire Scotland Prestige Awards were launched to celebrate businesses & individuals that offer excellent products and services throughout their local area.
 As a freelance graphic designer, I'm so lucky to be able to work with such a wide range of clients both in business and individuals which allows me to keep working in an industry that I love.
Thank you so much!
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